Dubai wall sticker print wallpaper decoration


WHY consider a “Franchise” and be a franchisee Of TAKIWALL world of Wall sticker design



The growth of our product is exciting innovative and we have  anew young and ambitious company that will support the growth of your business, help you set up, deliver you the most exciting designs and be a leader in the TAKI WALL WORLD of sticker design.

We create designs, our Team continuously researches the market and you can even be your own producer of exciting sticker designs, commissioned and expertly delivered by us.  This market it tested, tried and you will be the success that you want to be by keeping ahead of the market and we will support you in the filed of creative development.  Created by us and designed for you.

By Avoiding cost of creation your set-up is supported by our ambitious IT team that will development interactive applications for you to pursue the competitiveness of the brand of Takiwall. You do not need worry of any technical issue, Takiwall will provide ongoing support for that.


It is our pleasure to design TAKIWALL stickers just for you, to create, design and deliver

You can ask our TEAM to support your Ideas, give us Design or even design your own. WE are here to support and help you


Firstly, a wall decal sticker has never been marketed as a world-wide product around the globe. Since the demand of this product is consistent, affordable, innovative and the market is new and not yet well known by the general public at large we decided to expand our business hence our offer for you to be a franchisee


We estimate that to create a network of franchisee’s around the globe that we will share the same designs, and the same data source this will avoid design collection shortage, encourage growth for our and your company and our product will include reduced transportation cost.


By getting into franchisee with Takiwall this will facilitate and be known to generate thousands of Art-work for your domestic customer. The range of the products can be wide and the idea to create this on your own will not be limited.

We at Takiwall target our goal on a comprehensive network based on the quality and standard fabrication of our product that will certify its quality and the sharing of design information to support you to grow and establish the brand.


We are providing a web base platform offering all network skills to be able to manage your customer network and leads. We generate a source of art-work within the local and international community.


TAKIWALL is a vision of collaboration under a powerful web base umbrella.