Dubai wall sticker print wallpaper decoration




How to install your Dubai Wall Stickers


 We recommand that you first watch the video installation twice before starting. Following, that get the necessary tools arround you and follow the procedure steps by steps. If you make a mystake dont worry, you can use the cutter later to remove the part of the sticker and reposition it accordingly.






Some design due to them graphic will not stick completly on the application tape. We recommand you place the design  facing the wall and the white sheet facing you. Then remove slowly the white sheet  from top to bottom. If a part of the design will come on the white sheet , rool it back and press with your finger on that part. see example below




STEP 1 : Clean your wall
STEP 2 Review packaging
STEP 3 : Position tape

How to install sticker

Before you start remove all dust from the wall with a dry tissue.


Place the position tape on the wall to set the mark for your design


Remove the application transfer from the back of the design.


STEP 5 : Apply the application
STEP 6 : Scrap & remove application

Postion the transfer application below your mark on the wall


Use the scarpper from the center and press up and down, left...


Remove the transfer application from the wall and postion tape