Dubai wall sticker print wallpaper decoration


Make your Dubai print wallpaper of Camel Band

Your wallpaper adhesive section will be as below image.

IMPORTANT: Insert the dimension of your adhesive wallpaper. We recomand that you add 5 cm on the Height and the Width to be on safe side.

Price and order
  • 150 AED

+ cash on delivery payment

Camel Band

Digital wallpaper printing specialist of wallpaper design 

Our Dubai Wallpaper print description and important information 

Our wallpaper is an adhesive material of high quality easy to install on your home wall that must smooth surface. We recommend that you select 5 cm extra on high and width to be sure of mistake since wall are not always completely flat. 
Install the first layer print wallpaper from top to bottom from one side starting rom left or right and continue to do so with all print wallpaper layer until the end of the sequence of the image wallpaper.

Take first the measurement of the height of your wall then our system will calculate the width proportionate automatically to avoid any distortion of the image. Adjust the width of the section with the button plus and minus. At last you can at slide the crop to the exact position of your choice. 

We will deliver you always the exact section of the image as print wallpaper to your home. Please verify dimension and always take 5 cm extra to be sure. Any future adjustment can be made by cutting the extra part with a cutter but not when your order to short so be sure of adding 5 cm on height and width.

Material detail of the wallpaper

* Use interior exterior wall

* Print Wallpaper adhesive

* 120 cm width layer

* Stick to any smooth surface

* Delivered in print layers of 120 cm width

* Removable wallpaper

* Print covering with laminated matt

* Duration 3 to 5 years

* Printing Manufacture in UAE

* Product not exchangeable

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