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Our Vision


Our Vision - Is to Inspire creative designs that light up your world, that brings your home environment to life. WE take special care and continuously research our markets looking for the top designs to design and deliver just for you.

Our Designs are unique, Innovative, elaborate designed especially with our customers in mind. We have selected designs and should you find a design that is unique to you we will create this for you and deliver it to your door.



Our Mission


Our Mission – Our vision is to be the global platform of unique interactive design, to create a visual market that is elegant, creative and visually exciting. To build a business that is sustainable that will share profits. To be recognized as a elegant interior décor artist. Designed and ran by a professional team that will provide a proper support channel to all members of the TAKIWALL web base.



Why Us  - Design here, and get it there, we can produce anywhere’ 


‘Design here, and get it there, we can produce anywhere’ is the main goal of Takiwall. We have the creation of several production lines with the support for a franchisee OR from its auto finance cash flow Takiwall will follow the main guide of expansion. Creating all web modules and technology to operate one of the first web franchise business operation software solutions to expand to your area and around the globe and minimize cost of its operation.

By developing a proper operating system that we group, design, and provide interior home décor, management, and skilled marketing on a web based creative solution. An easy to use application designed by skilled operators.


We have realized more than ever that a creation of an entire web base enterprise is the keys to success business for the future.


Our ‘new goal is to invest our time in an easy to use IT application that will support and be the innovation operation to control and support the business, instead of  the normal modus operandi business that we all knew or know.


Being a creative a web design consultant for the past 10 years our management are well aware of the task it will take to reach at the lowest cost possible of a high developed web brand that is capable to extract data production in a synchronized manner to be admired by the general public around the globe.



Our Plan & Support to you


Our plan is clear: To Take Takiwall to the top web manufactory system around the globe by establishing a franchise in each country. Our system is so well set that it will allow you to operate your new business almost instantly and at the lowest cost for maximizing our profit.


Marketing your site over the web can engage a serious cost and time frame. We guarantee your local web branding will generate hundreds of leads because this is part of our commitment to you, this is a part of our duty to manage all web marketing on any major search engine for your site this will position you to be found one the first page.


Understanding our franchisee and listening to you will help us to improve to realise a smooth business operation that is a pillar of the success to any enterprize. Therefore Takiwall is taking the path of a strategic collaboration network within its operation to not impose but to retrieve and analyze ideas for the best integrated way of improving the brand service and competitiveness to support you to run your business efficiently.


When you want to take a new franchise on board, the fundamental is the communication and support you will have as part of our PROMISE to you