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How to Become our Franchisee partner in your region

 By reading the step on how to become a franchisee of Takiwall . You will understand the quick process we offer to make your new business a successfull one.  Read it and think about it, witch franchise in the world will be able to offer you a product  that interest so many gender of all ages, as individual or corporate group.  A wall decal sticker is a   product that you can modify with not limitation. It's only the design, its color, size add to quality raw material add with a great packging. And the profit margin are excellent.

We succeed to develop a new way to apply it with our own film, it is unique. Also the large number of designs we provide in the website that will be able to deliver a perfect support and turn your business key  immediatly on.  You do not need much investment to make a great return in less then months. If you think you can sell in your region 500 sticker of our decal sticker you will already breack even.  And this number should be done in 2 to 3 months maximum.

So read the step below to understand how we can make your new business running in 30 days. impression grand format



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How to become a franchisee partner of Takiwall


1*  Franchise agreement for 5 years renewable

       Complete the application from below and we will contact you. If your application is approve you
       will receive the terms and condition for your review. Once accepted the agreement will be executed.

2* Training in our state of the Art  facility in Dubai UAE

       You can be the trainee or send us a trainee that will be educated on the full concept of Takiwall design
       to be able to produce design, manage the software of customer service and face any demand from the website.
       We will deliver an official certificate of Takiwall to be able to run your facility accordingly.

3* Space require to run your Takiwall facility in your region

        Basically you do not need to be located in prime location since the business is a web base business.
        You are    required to secure a premise of 50 sqm minimum. Machines, raw material  and other 
        accessories will be delivered to you 30 days after the franchisee agreement is sign.  You trainee will be able to           connect and prepaire the correct set to run the operation.


4* A Legal entity in your region for Takiwall

        Takiwall will required that you run the operation under a company. Therefore documentation of the
         status of your company  or new  active company. A bank account where all order online will be
         directly forward from the payment gate of your website TAKIWALL. 

5* Marketing of Takiwall and support 

       Takiwall will provide you all technical support of the website and any online support for you
        to understand the     software to manage your orders. Invoice, tracking code shipping, customized
        order, news letters, etc... Also Takiwall will set the ranking on the first page of google for people search for wall        decoration, set advertisment on its 65,000 fan of Facebook page and callibrate all your online marketing for you        generate traffic and therefore sales.












A full website for your region with an integrate payment gateway directly to your bank account of your company. A complete backoffice where you will be able to manage your customers, invoice, track history. Add employee with illimited or limited access to manage the business. Takiwall webase system will permite you to run sales report at any time, run statistique, mange your stock and inventory. We provide a training assistance for you 7 days a weeks.

 500 packagins of 2 sizes and tools to send the package all around your region. Our packaging are set with tools of installation and notice. Etiquette bar code system is also supply to manage all inventories.

 Raw material and machines.All hard material will be shipped via container with all packaging.It take about 3 weeks for the shippment arrive to your location. 




Takiwall staff will assiste you all along your training period to operate the franchise accordingly.


Therefore we are looking for you to expand our brand around the globe by becoming one of our Franchisee for the country/region of your choice 

We are offering a serious business model generating high income opportunities, based on strong market interest for our products. Our brand TAKIWALL,  generates thousands of clicks from all around the world every day. Our franchise partners will operate specific TAKIWALL websites for their country, supported by TAKIWALL international, and with full access to our pool of exclusive TAKIWALL designs and our web demand management system. Take the opportunity to be part of our TAKIWALL family.


If you are interested to receive our proposal for the franchise opportunity in your country, please contact us: 



 Avenue Marceau 34, Paris  8 eme

75016 Paris France